News Feed Online - Russian meddling is at the heart of Brexit | Letters

05:30 2020-08-02

Russian meddling is at the heart of Brexit | Letters

The mounting evidence of interference suggests that, even now, we should challenge the referendum resultLuke Harding and Mark Townsend report that “from Moscow, Brexit is seen as a wild success, diminishing the UK and estranging London from its European partners… And MI6 failed to ask its secret agents what exactly the Kremlin was up to” (“Timid, incompetent… how our spies missed Russia’s bid to sway Brexit”, News). You do not require a degree in geopolitics to understand why a weakened Russia, believing itself threatened by Nato and the west generally, needs, and works for, a weakened west.Carole Cadwalladr (“The Russia report shows we have a national security problem. He lives in No 10”, Comment) observes: “The Russians stand accused of exploiting with disinformation and lies the same platform that Johnson’s chief aide, Dominic Cummings, exploited with disinformation and lies.” Is anyone asking what Cummings was up to in his three years in Russia? Given that your opinion poll (News) indicates that almost half of the people interviewed believe the Russian government interfered with the referendum, is it out of the question to challenge, even at this late date, the validity of the 2016 result? This is not to challenge democracy. It could be to challenge possible treason.John AirsLiverpool