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Brazilian town fighting Zika virus with more mosquitoes

Millions of genetically-modified mosquitoes are being released in the Brazilian town of Piracicaba with the hope that they'll take out Zika-infected mosquitoes. Dr. Jon LaPook reports.

Brazil grapples with surging COVID deaths and hospitalizations

The coronavirus is having a devastating toll in Brazil, where hospitals and morgues are filling up and the country is running out of medicine. Manuel Bojorquez has more details.

Biden to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan by 9/11

President Biden is pushing forward with the Trump administration's plan to pull the final U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by September 11. CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett joins CBSN’s "Red & Blue" host Elaine Quijano to discuss the decision. Washington Post political reporter Eugene Scott and Vox White House reporter Ella Nilsen then discuss the rest of the day's political news.

Mexico moves to require biometric data from cellphone users

Activists and opposition figure are crying foul after Mexico's Senate passed legislation to require cellphone companies to gather customers' biometric data, like fingerprints or eye scans

Biden announces full withdrawal from Afghanistan by September 11

President Biden said the U.S. will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan after two decades of war. The decision has been criticized by Republicans. Weijia Jiang takes a look.

ISIS chemical weapons expert captured

U.S. Special Forces in Northern Iraq have captured an ISIS commander who was developing chemical weapons. According to the Pentagon, ISIS has mounted a dozen chemical weapons attacks in Iraq and Syria. David Martin has more.

Afghanistan became the graveyard of American hubris

Plenty of empires thrived in what’s now Afghanistan, but our modern memory is shaped by a narrative of disaster.

Adorable lion cub gets told off for playfully biting an adult on the bum

THIS lion cub has got a bit of a cheek — as he playfully bites an adult on the bum. The huge male then growled as the youngster cowered in the face of the ferocious beast. Amateur wildlife photographer Craig Aitken captured the scene at Pilanesburg nature reserve in South Africa. Local Craig, 56, said

Tiger gets loose on freeway in Qatar

Motorists on a busy highway in Qatar had more than gridlock to worry about on a recent commute. A tiger escaped from a moving truck and proceeded to prowl the the roadway while drivers watched. Watch the full video.

Mexico’s high Covid death toll blamed on government penny-pinching

Report points finger at populist policies prioritising economy above lives and failure to react to science Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageMexico’s unwillingness to spend money, do more testing, change course or react to new scientific evidence contributed to the country being one of the worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic, a report has concluded.Mexico would have had a significantly lower death toll if it had reacted as satisfactorily as the average government, according to the Institute for Global Health Sciences, at the University of California, San Francisco w...

Twerking for the top brass: the ‘inappropriate’ dance routine the Australian navy tried to hide

The Australian defence force’s latest scandal involves dancers in hotpants and very unimpressed officials. How did it happen?So I hear there is a new scandal involving the Australian defence force?Yeah, there’s been further developments this week regarding the investigation into war crimes allegedly committed in Afghanistan …

Big-business pushback against voting measures gains momentum

Derek Chauvin trial: Floyd's death should be 'undetermined', expert says

An expert called by the defence says drugs and heart problems contributed to George Floyd's death.

Covid-status certificate scheme could be unlawful discrimination, says EHRC

Exclusive: Equalities watchdog tells government documents could create ‘two-tier society’Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageCovid-status certificates being considered by ministers to help open up society could amount to unlawful indirect discrimination, the government’s independent equalities watchdog has advised.As ministers decide whether the documents should be introduced as passports to certain events later this year, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has told the Cabinet Office they risk creating a “two-tier society”.

Stock futures inch higher after S&P 500 retreats from record

Futures ticked higher at the start of the overnight session after the S&P 500 retreated from record levels during the regular session.

Australia news live: Queensland Covid restrictions lift, Labor pledges $90m to reduce Indigenous incarceration

Queenslanders no longer need to wear masks and visitors are allowed at aged care homes after restrictions were lifted early. Follow updates live 10.56pm BSTIf you want to read more about Labor’s new election promises to reduce Indigenous over-incarceration, can I recommend this report from Lorena Allam and Calla Wahlquist. Related: Labor pledges $90m to reduce Indigenous incarceration and deaths in custody Related: ‘I want to break that cycle’: the relatives still fighting for justice over deaths in custody 10.39pm BSTThe man jailed for life for a 2019 terrorist attack on two mosques in C...

WHO: Sexually transmitted Zika more common that previously thought

The World Health Organization warned pregnant women not to visit the 30 or so countries affected by the Zika virus. Dr. Jon LaPook reports the warning comes amid mounting evidence of the dangers the virus poses.

American veteran killed in Israel

A U.S. Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan was stabbed to death Tuesday by a Palestinian while visiting the Israeli coastal city of Jaffa. He was from Lubbock, Texas. Margaret Brennan reports.

Powell defends Fed’s increasing focus on climate change threats

The Fed has recently taken steps to incorporate risks from climate change into its oversight of the US financial system.

Walmart to create 100,000 full-time US roles in retention push

The move could help Walmart hold onto staffers amid accelerating vaccinations and easing restrictions.

Pricey pixel: Digital artist Pak’s NFTs auctioned off for $16.8M

The Pixel, an image of a single pixel, fetched $1.36m after a 90-minute bidding war in the Southeby's auction.

Brazil Senate investigating Bolsonaro’s handling of COVID-19

Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro continues to downplay the coronavirus, despite still surging infections and deaths.

How to watch coverage of Prince Philip's funeral on CTV News

As the Royal Family and the rest of the world says goodbye to Prince Philip, CTV News will be bringing coverage of his funeral live to the homes of Canadians through TV and online.

CDC panel postpones decision on J&J vaccine while it investigates rare, but serious, blood-clot issue

Will Maria Sharapova play professional tennis again?

After failing a drug test at the Australian Open, tennis star Maria Sharapova has been suspended from professional tennis. Her sponsors--including Porsche, TAG Heuer, and Nike--have already distanced themselves from her. With more on what's next for Sharapova, CBS Sports' Allie LaForce joins CBSN.

American tourist killed in Tel Aviv attack

One American tourist has been confirmed dead in a series of stabbings in Israel perpetrated by Palestinian attackers. The attacks come amid Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Israel. CBS Radio News' Robert Berger joins CBSN with the latest details.

China Eclipses Terrorist Groups as Top U.S. Security Threat, Intelligence Chiefs Say

The national security threats that top intelligence officials laid out for lawmakers on Wednesday were dominated by China’s efforts to expand its global influence and the “cascading crises” and “looming disequilibrium” facing the Biden Administration as existing security challenges are exacerbated by the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. Their warnings, coupled with a written annual…

Russia paints ‘invasion stripes’ on assault vehicles as ‘100,000 troops prepare to gather at Ukraine border’

RUSSIAN forces gathering on Ukraine’s border have painted a mass of assault vehicles with “invasion stripes,” heightening fears of a full-on war breaking out. Russia will soon have a staggering assault force of 107,000 troops amassed at Ukraine’s border, revealed the Mirror today. The huge numbers of troops are far more than previously thought and

Maria Sharapova career in limbo after failing drug test

Two major sponsors, Nike and TAG Heuer, are cutting ties with tennis superstar Maria Sharapova following the iconic athlete’s announcement Monday that she failed a drug test. Her statement is sending shockwaves through tennis. Allie LaForce of CBS Sports reports on how the admission threatens Sharapova’s career and the game.

British troops to withdraw from Afghanistan alongside NATO and the US
British troops to withdraw from Afghanistan alongside NATO and the US

British troops will begin their withdrawal from Afghanistan next month alongside other NATO allies.

China's 'Guam killer' missile force expands quickly
China's 'Guam killer' missile force expands quickly

Deployment of China's new DF-26 intermediate-range missile, dubbed the "Guam killer" by Beijing, has rapidly expanded over the past year, according to a Pentagon intelligence report. The latest report...

Denmark becomes first country to fully ban AstraZeneca-Oxford coronavirus vaccine
Denmark becomes first country to fully ban AstraZeneca-Oxford coronavirus vaccine

Denmark this week became the first European country to completely ban the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine due to blood clot concerns. Although the blood clots are rare, but serious, Denmark’s vacc...

Morning mail: Australia’s climate ‘smoke and mirrors’, Indigenous families fight for justice, Bernie Madoff dies

Thursday: Leading climatologist says Coalition policies do not address crisis and the US won’t be fooled. Plus: what Australia can learn from other countries’ vaccine rolloutsGood morning. Australia could be in for a frosty reception at global warming talks, a police shooting fans tensions in Minneapolis once again and Indigenous families call for justice, 30 years after the royal commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody. All that, and more, in today’s morning mail.One of the world’s leading climate scientists has accused the Australian government’s approach to emission reductions of being...

Magic mushrooms show promise in treatment for depression, study says

Trial suggests psilocybin combined with psychological therapy is as effective as antidepressant drugMagic mushrooms have a long and rich history. Now scientists say they could play an important role in the future, with their active ingredient a promising treatment for depression.The results from a small, phase two clinical trial have revealed that two doses of psilocybin appears to be as effective as the common antidepressant escitalopram in treating moderate to severe major depressive disorder, at least when combined with psychological therapy.

More COVID state shutdowns unlikely, despite CDC suggestion

This 18-Year-Old Climate Activist Is Fighting to Save His Beloved Village in Alaska

Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark announce easing of COVID restrictions

Belgium’s prime minister has announced the country will reopen restaurants and bars for outdoor service next month, and lift a night-time curfew, while Switzerland and Denmark also announced plans to ease restrictions.

AP PHOTOS: Sacrifice, sorrow: 20 years of war in Afghanistan

President Joe Biden has announced a withdrawal of all remaining U.S. troops from Afghanistan by September, about 20 years after the start of a war provoked by the deadliest terror assault on the United States.

Brazil court greenlights probe of president’s virus response

Brazil’s Supreme Court has allowed a Senate investigation of President Jair Bolsonaro’s handling of the pandemic to go forward

Bomb explodes in Somali airport

A bomb hidden in a laptop computer exploded and shattered windows in a small airport north of the Somali capitol Mogadishu on Monday. Last month, a laptop bomb blew a hole in a jetliner shortly after takeoff. Jeff Pegues has a look at what might be a disturbing new terrorist trend.

U.S. airstike hits al-Shabab training camp

U.S. warplanes struck an al-Shabab training camp in Somalia over the weekend, killing over 150 fighters. The U.S. is claiming this as a big victory against terrorist forces. David Martin reports from the Pentagon.

Fight to re-take Mosul from ISIS nears

There is a fierce battle occurring outside of Mosul, the largest ISIS-controlled city in Iraq. U.S.-trained Iraqi army and Kurdish forces have kept ISIS penned into Mosul, but an all-out assault of the city has been delayed multiple times. Holly Williams reports from the front lines.

Biden: 'I won't pass Afghan war on to fifth president'

President Biden announces the withdrawal of all US troops by 11 September.

Report: Mexico’s COVID-19 policies cost huge number of lives

Mexico’s unwillingness to spend money, do more testing, change course or react to new scientific evidence contributed to the country being one of the worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report by the University of California, San Francisco

12 missing from capsized ship after 6 rescued off Louisiana

US weighs next steps for J&J virus shot amid clot mystery

Stunning satellite images show before and after volcanic eruptions

Israel honors Pfizer chief at Independence Day celebrations

Israel honors Pfizer chief at Independence Day celebrations

Israel has paid tribute to the chief executive of international drug maker Pfizer, thanking him for a partnership that has helped the country carry out one of the world’s most successful coronavirus vaccination campaign

AP PHOTOS: Sacrifice, sorrow: 20 years of war in Afghanistan

President Joe Biden has announced a withdrawal of all remaining U.S. troops from Afghanistan by September, about 20 years after the start of a war provoked by the deadliest terror assault on the United States. Biden’s plan, announced Wednesday, is to pull out all the American forces — now numbering 2,500 — by Sept. 11, the anniversary of the attacks on the twin towers in New York and the Pentagon that were coordinated from Afghanistan by the late al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. There were 2,500 to 3,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan when Biden took office, the smallest number since early in th...