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Mauritius declares environmental emergency after mass oil spill
Mauritius declares environmental emergency after mass oil spill

A "state of environmental emergency" has been declared in Mauritius after a ship that ran aground off the shores of the Indian Ocean island began spilling tonnes of oil.

Congress' last-ditch talks on virus stimulus fail

With benefits expired for millions of unemployed and mass evictions looming, Congress goes on holiday.

Arrest of Polish LGBT activist leads to scuffle with police

LGBT rights activists scuffled with police Friday in Warsaw after turning out on the streets to protest the arrest of an an activist.

Cuomo clears New York schools statewide to open, carefully

New York schools can bring children back to classrooms for the start of the school year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Friday, citing success in battling the coronavirus in the state that once was the U.S. heart of the pandemic. “Everywhere in the state, every region is below the threshold that we established,” Cuomo told reporters. Many New York school districts have planned to start the year with students in school buildings only a few days a week, while learning at home the rest of the time.

Trump news - China, Iran and Russia all exposed to be interfering in the US election as Covid rescue bill falters in Congress

President Donald Trump could issue executive orders to address student loans, jobless benefits and the eviction moratorium after talks with Congressional Democrats regarding a coronavirus relief bill broke down on Friday.A top US counterintelligence official has issued a public statement saying that China and Iran prefer that president Donald Trump does not win re-election; while Russia is seeking to hurt former vice president Joe Biden’s electoral chances.

Saudi detention of ex-official's children prompts rare rebuke from Trump administration

Letter signed by US state department representative calls for ‘immediate release’ of adult children of Saad AljabriThe Trump administration has issued a rare rebuke of Saudi Arabia over the detention of two of the adult children of a former Saudi intelligence official who has been credited with protecting Americans from al-Qaida threats.A letter signed by a state department official said any persecution of Saad Aljabri’s family members by Saudi authorities was “unacceptable” and urged the “immediate release” of the two children, Omar and Sarah Aljabri, who were arrested from their home in Riya...

Jerry Falwell Jr. Taking Indefinite Leave of Absence From Liberty University

Jerry Falwell Jr.'s decision comes soon after a Republican lawmaker called on him to step down

Kremlin trying to denigrate Biden so Trump wins re-election, U.S. officials believe

U.S. intelligence officials believe that Russia is using a variety of measures to denigrate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden ahead of the November election and that individuals linked to the Kremlin are boosting President Donald Trump's reelection bid, the country's counterintelligence chief said Friday in the most specific warning to date about the threat of foreign interference.

US election 2020: China, Russia and Iran 'trying to influence' vote

Russia wants a second term for President Trump while China does not, a US intelligence chief says.

Gunmen kill at least 20 in village in eastern Burkina Faso

OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso (AP) - Gunmen stormed a cattle market and opened fire in an eastern Burkina Faso village Friday, killing at least 20 people and injuring many others, a local government official said. The attack in Namoungou village is being investigated, said Saidou Sanou, the governor of the eastern ...

New York moved homeless people into hotels in wealthy neighbourhoods to protect them against coronavirus. Residents complained

One would hope the collective trauma of a pandemic, and the increasing economic uncertainty, would give people more compassion

Arrest of Polish LGBT activist leads to scuffle with police

LGBT rights activists have scuffled with police in Warsaw after turning out on the streets to protest the arrest of an activist

Endangered Brazilian monkeys get a bridge to themselves

The overpass juts from a forest over a four-lane highway in a rural area outside Rio de Janeiro. It's meant for a very special sort of pedestrian: golden lion tamarins, small orange primates that for decades have been at risk of extinction. About 20 meters (65 feet) wide and twice as long, the bridge connects the Poco de Dantas biological reserve in Rio state’s Silva Jardim municipality with a farm that the Golden Lion Tamarin Association acquired to transform into an ecological park.

TIME Earns Emmy Nomination for Multimedia Project in Partnership with Univision

(New York, NY – August 7,2020) TIME has received a nomination for the 2020 News & Documentary Emmy Awards in the Outstanding New Approaches: Current News category for its multimedia project, created in partnership with Univision News Digital, titled In El Salvador, Violence is Driving Girls to Kill Themselves. Created by a team at TIME…

As leaders in Lebanon deflect responsibility for explosion, skepticism grows

In aftermath of Beirut explosion, skepticism grows among members of the public and the international community.

Intelligence community warns Russia wants to hurt Biden, while China 'prefers' Trump not be reelected

Following a push from Democratic lawmakers to be more forthcoming in declassifying evidence of foreign interference in the upcoming presidential election, a top counterintelligence official on Friday published new, specific details about how Russia, China and Iran are seeking to manipulate American voters.

Australia experiencing critical shortage of antidepressants, contraceptives and HRT

Reasons for shortages are often unclear and substitutes, which are not subsidised by PBS, are prohibitively expensiveAustralia is experiencing a critical shortage of key drugs including antidepressants, contraceptives and hormone replacement therapies, a situation that experts say highlights systemic problems with medicine supply in the country.Most of the shortages appear unrelated to coronavirus disruptions, although in the case of the popular antidepressant Prozac, the manufacturer, Eli Lilly, cites “unexpected increase in demand” during the crisis. Other manufacturers refuse to detail reas...

New Hampshire Woman Becomes First Person to Get Second Face Transplant in U.S.

Carmen Blandin Tarleton will be getting her second face transplant in a decade after her first transplant began to fail

George Floyd: US protesters charged as 'gang' face life sentence

Black Lives Matter protesters in Utah were accused of acting as a gang to vandalise a building.

Ningaloo Reef: Second woman injured by whale at Australia tourist hotspot

She is the second person in less than a week to be injured by a humpback whale at Ningaloo Reef.

Hong Kong: US imposes sanctions on chief executive Carrie Lam

The sanctions on Carrie Lam and others are for "undermining" the Chinese territory's autonomy.

Canada’s Last Remaining Ice Shelf Crumbles Due to Global Warming

Satellite photos showed that about 43% of Canada's 4,000-year-old Milne Ice Shelf had broken off

Gunmen kill more than a dozen in attack in eastern Burkina Faso

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack on a cattle market in the village of Fada N'Gourma.

Will Saudis in exile suffer the same fate as Jamal Khashoggi?

Former Saudi intelligence official has filed a lawsuit alleging Saudi crown prince sent a hit squad to kill him.

Intelligence official says Russia and China are lining up on opposite sides of the U.S. election

A top intelligence official says that Russia is using a "range of measures" to denigrate former Vice President Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 presidential election, and China prefers that President Trump doesn't win.William Evanina, director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, released a statement on Friday detailing the "intentions and activities" of U.S. adversaries in the presidential election, which describes how intelligence officials are "concerned" primarily about China, Russia, and Iran.The U.S. has assessed that China "prefers that President Trump — whom Beijing sees...

Top U.S. intel official: China wants Trump defeated, Russia is sabotaging Biden

Kremlin-linked operatives are trying to boost President Trump’s candidacy while China wants to see him defeated, the top U.S. counterintelligence official said Friday in a strikingly detailed update on American intelligence assessments about foreign preferences in the upcoming presidential election. Bill Evanina, a former FBI agent who is leading election security efforts at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, provided new information about what U.S. intelligence analysts have determined regarding the election interference goals of China, Russia and Iran. Evanina said the Ru...

'She was a warrior': Audrie Pott's mother pays tribute to Netflix sexual assault activist Daisy Coleman after she died by suicide

It was lovely to meet [Daisy] because she had the guts to get up, tell her story, survive, and take back the power,' Sheila Pott tells The Independent

Simpson’s creator Matt Groening’s ‘sweaty crusty toes’ nearly made Epstein sex slave puke during Lolita Express foot rub

SIMPSON’S creator Matt Groening’s toes nearly made Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts puke during a foot rub, she has claimed. Writing in the manuscript for a book unsealed with other court documents last week, Roberts describes Epstein telling her to run Groening’s feet during a ride on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” private plane. The 139-exposé, titled The

Endangered Brazilian monkeys get a bridge to themselves

An overpass that juts from a forest over a four-lane highway in a rural area outside Rio de Janeiro is meant for a very special sort of pedestrian: golden lion tamarins, small orange primates that for decades have been at risk of extinction

23 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of The Week

From the tragic explosion in Beirut to flooding and fires seen around the world, these are the most striking and memorable pictures from the past week.View Entire Post ›

Gunmen kill at least 20 in village in eastern Burkina Faso

A local government official in Burkina Faso says gunmen stormed a cattle market and opened fire in an eastern village, killing at least 20 people and injuring many others

Endangered Brazilian monkeys get a bridge to themselves

An overpass that juts from a forest over a four-lane highway in a rural area outside Rio de Janeiro is meant for a very special sort of pedestrian: golden lion tamarins, small orange primates that for decades have been at risk of extinction

Kim visits North Korea flood zone, orders shelter, food aid

Leader Kim Jong Un visited parts of southern North Korea where days of torrential rains have flooded hundreds of houses and vast areas of agricultural land, state media reported Friday. The last time state media reported such a visit was in September 2015, when he inspected recovery work at a flood-hit northeast city, according to Seoul’s Unification Ministry. It forced North Korea to close its border with China, its biggest trading partner, in January.

Hagerty vs. Bradshaw in race to succeed US Sen. Alexander

The race to succeed retiring U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander in November will feature a matchup between a Republican candidate endorsed by President Donald Trump and a Black activist who pulled off an astonishing upset victory over the Democratic establishment's choice — with a campaign war chest of less than $10,000. Former U.S. Ambassador to Japan Bill Hagerty fended off a challenge from Nashville trauma surgeon Manny Sethi in Thursday's Republican primary, while Marquita Bradshaw handily defeated Army helicopter pilot James Mackler, who raised more than $2.1 million and drew endorsements from th...

Almost 150 extrajudicial killings by Malian, Burkinabe troops: UN

Almost 150 people were extrajudicially killed by Malian and Burkinabe security forces in Mali between April and June, the UN said Thursday. A 2012 revolt in northern Mali has since spread to the centre of the poor Sahel country, as well as to Burkina Faso and Niger despite the presence of thousands of French and UN troops. The Mali-based United Nations mission, MINUSMA, reported "an increase in serious human rights violations attributable to the Malian security forces", which it held responsible for 94 such killings over the three-month period.

Traditional Afghan council meets on release of 400 Taliban

A traditional council met Friday in Kabul to decide whether to release a final 400 Taliban prisoners, the last hurdle to negotiations between Afghanistan’s political leadership and the Taliban under a peace deal the insurgents signed with the United States earlier this year. The meeting of the council of elders, known as Loya Jirga, was initially expected to last three days but could end as early as Saturday. The Kabul-Taliban negotiations are seen as a critical step toward lasting peace in Afghanistan and a roadmap to what the country might look like after decades of war, with the Taliban j...

US kids, parents perform DIY tests for coronavirus science

How many U.S. children and teens are infected? “The bottom line is we just don’t know yet the degree to which children can transmit the virus,” said Dr. Tina Hartert of Vanderbilt University, who is leading the government-funded study. Evidence from the U.S., China and Europe shows children are less likely to become infected with the virus than adults and also less likely to become seriously ill when they do get sick.

Portland protesters cause mayhem again, police officer hurt

About 200 people, some wielding homemade shields, clashed with police early Friday for the third consecutive night as two other Black Lives Matter rallies proceeded peacefully elsewhere in the city, authorities said. The demonstration with unrest came hours after the city's Democratic mayor pleaded for protesters to stay off the streets, saying those who barricaded the doors to a police precinct the night before and tried to set it ablaze were not demonstrators, but criminals. Mayor Ted Wheeler said the violent protesters are also serving as political “props” for President Donald Trump in a...

US: Border tunnel appears to be 'most sophisticated'

An incomplete tunnel found stretching from Mexico to Arizona appears to be “the most sophisticated tunnel in U.S. history," authorities said. The tunnel intended for smuggling ran from a neighborhood in San Luis Río Colorado, Mexico, to San Luis, Arizona, where it stopped short of reaching the surface. It was built in an area that's not conducive to tunnels because of the terrain, and it had a ventilation system, water lines, electrical wiring, a rail system and extensive reinforcement, federal officials say.

Russia's race for virus vaccine raises concerns in the West

Russia boasts that it’s about to become the first country to approve a COVID-19 vaccine, with mass vaccinations planned as early as October using shots that are yet to complete clinical trials -- and scientists worldwide are sounding the alarm that the headlong rush could backfire. Moscow sees a Sputnik-like propaganda victory, recalling the Soviet Union’s launch of the world’s first satellite in 1957. “I’m worried that Russia is cutting corners so that the vaccine that will come out may be not just ineffective, but also unsafe,” said Lawrence Gostin, a global public health law expert at Geo...

Warnings flashed for years of explosives at heart of Beirut

At least 10 times over the past six years, authorities from Lebanon’s customs, military, security agencies and judiciary raised alarm that a massive stockpile of explosive chemicals was being kept with almost no safeguard at the port in the heart of Beirut, newly surfaced documents show. President Michel Aoun, in office since 2016, said Friday he was first told of the dangerous stockpile nearly three weeks ago and immediately ordered military and security agencies to do “what was needed.”

Putin’s Got Big Problems in Russia’s Provinces

MOSCOW—The city of Khabarovsk, a sprawling, industrial metropolis about 5,000 miles east of the capital—the Bolsheviks turned it into a hub for serving Siberian prison camps, in the middle of nowhere by design—is about as far from the seat of Russian power as geographically possible. But it’s suddenly at the center of Russian politics these days. For the past three weeks, thousands of people have come out daily in Khabarovsk to protest the country’s top-down rule, what President Vladimir Putin once called his “vertical of power. “Wake up, cities, our Motherland is in trouble,” protesters chant...

Karen Bass: the progressive congresswoman who could be Biden's vice-president

The Los Angeles representative, a top contender to be Biden’s running mate, is respected by both Democratic and Republican colleaguesIn Karen Bass’s home state, colleagues across the political spectrum sing her praises.Most of America is just getting to know the 66-year-old congresswoman from Los Angeles who in recent weeks emerged as a top contender to be Joe Biden’s vice-presidential running mate. But in California, Bass has built a reputation as a progressive and a pragmatist – a community organizer who fought police brutality and addiction in Los Angeles and a practical politician who help...

The Latest: Ship owner 1st to sue over Beirut port explosion

Lebanon’s state-run National News agency says a Lebanese businessman whose cruise ship was destroyed and in the Beirut port explosion and who had some staff members killed and wounded has filed a lawsuit against those who will be found responsible for this week's blast. Orient Queen owner Merhi Abou Merhi on Friday became the first person to sue over the Tuesday explosion that killed at least 154 people, wounded more than 5,000 and damaged wide parts of the Lebanese capital. Two Orient Queen employees, a Syrian and an Ethiopian, were killed and seven others were wounded in the blast.

How the U.S. Will Try to Extend the Arms Embargo on Iran

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Next week the U.S. will try to get the U.N. Security Council to do something it has been trying to get its allies to support for the last year: Extend the U.N.’s conventional arms embargo against Iran, which is slated to expire in October. The resolution will almost certainly fail, but that doesn’t mean America’s Iran policy has to be a failure.Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the U.S. would introduce the resolution on Wednesday, a day before he announced that his senior envoy on Iran policy, Brian Hook, would be leaving. The U.N. Security Council would make...

10 things you need to know today: August 7, 2020

What we know about the explosion in Beirut

Three days after a massive explosion rocked Beirut, killing at least 149 people and causing widespread devastation, rescuers are still searching for survivors and the government is investigating what caused the disaster. The government, which defaulted on its sovereign debt in March, has been negotiating an emergency bailout from the International Monetary Fund for months, but the talks faltered over Lebanese infighting and resistance to demands for reform.

'The world exploded': Beirut blast takes a husband, father

Soha Saade had not seen her husband since Christmas. The coronavirus pandemic had kept 44-year-old Jihad in Nigeria, where he worked far from his family in Beirut. When smoke billowed outside the hospital window Tuesday, the couple lamented Beirut's pollution and disorder.

President's virus swagger fuels anger ahead of Belarus vote

As Kseniya Milya's grandfather lay dying of COVID-19 at a hospital in Belarus' capital of Minsk, the country's authoritarian leader was blithely dismissing the pandemic as “psychosis,” and recommending an unusual remedy: Have a regular shot of vodka and work hard in the fields. Like many other Belarusians angry with the government's cavalier approach to the pandemic, Milya joined large opposition protests ahead of Sunday's presidential vote in which President Alexander Lukashenko is seeking a sixth term. The outpouring of public discontent poses the most serious challenge yet to Lukashenko a...

Will Macron Deliver on His Lofty Promises to Help Beirut?

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- There were moments during Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Beirut on Thursday when it seemed that the French president was in a mosh pit, crowd-surfing over waves of adulation and anger: The adulation was for him, and far more than he might reasonably expect from a Parisian throng; the anger was for the entire Lebanese political class, who are being collectively blamed for the devastating blasts that shattered much of the city on Tuesday.    It is easy enough to cavil, as some have, that Macron’s walkabout in the Gemmayzeh neighborhood was political theater. He was always goin...